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Midsized Business - Office 365 plan update

by Community Manager on ‎11-08-2016 07:21 PM

How do I know if my plan is being updated?

Check below to see if your ‘current’ plan name is being updated:

Current plan name

New plan name

Office 365 Midsized Business

Office 365 Business Premium

Microsoft Office 365 Midsized Business Offer

Office 365 Bundle - Business Premium

Microsoft Office 365 Midsized Business Offer with domain

Office 365 Bundle - Business Premium with domain

DOT Add-On Office 365 Midsized Business Offer with domain

Office 365 Bundle - Business Premium with domain

Biz Essentials Add-On Office 365 Midsized Business Offer

BizEssentials - Office 365 Business Premium


Will I receive information about this update and what plan I’m on?

Yes, we’ve sent you an email outlining your current plan and new plan, and changes to your service. The email is from ‘Telstra Apps Marketplace’.

When are the first plan updates scheduled for?

We are targeting September 2016 for the Midsized Business updates.

How long will the update take?

The process per customer should only take minutes to complete and there should be no impacts to your services aside of the removal of the InfoPath and Access applications.

When will the update occur?

The update will occur overnight, outside business hours, to minimise any impact to customer activities.

Will there be any impact to my services?

You’ll be able to use your services during the update, however Microsoft has announced that the new plans will no longer offer Access and InfoPath (which are included in the current Midsized Business service). To continue using Access we suggest upgrading to Office 365 Enterprise E3 once you’re on the new plan. Alternatively, Access is available with Office 365 Pro Plus.

Will my discount continue to work with my new service?

All existing discounts will continue to apply.

Will historical invoices be impacted?

Historical invoices are not impacted.

I have a suspended service. Will it be updated also?

No. Suspended services will not be updated. Please call Billing support on 1800 878 483 for assistance with suspended services.

Will all my user assignments be maintained?

Yes. There will be no need to re-assign users.

Why is this change occurring?

Microsoft have updated their Office 365 plans and removed some of the existing plans. Telstra are moving all customers from those services that will no longer be supported by Microsoft.

Will my ‘Partner of Record’ be affected?

No. If you have a partner listed as your Partner of Record, it will remain.

Will my Pricing Validity Period (PVP) date change?

All PVP dates will remain the same.

Will I receive a notification as a result of the change?

Yes. An email communication will be issued to the Customer Administrator(s) listed on the Telstra Apps Marketplace.

Will my service charges be impacted by the change?

No. All existing charges shall remain the same.

I have an add-on service like ‘SharePoint Extra Storage’, will this remain after the update?

Your extra storage Add-on will be removed during the update as Microsoft now provide a larger amount of storage on the new plans. You can add more if necessary after the update. You’ll need to ensure you have enough storage for your data within 90 days after the plan move to ensure your data is not deleted.

Can I delay the update to a later date?

No, the update takes place across the entire Telstra Apps Marketplace platform. You cannot be moved individually.

I use Microsoft Access. Will I be affected?

Microsoft Access (which is included in the current Midsized Business service) will no longer be available in the new plans. If use of this service is required going forward, users can purchase a separate subscription of Office 365 Pro Plus that includes the Microsoft Access service or alternatively you can upgrade to Enterprise E3 which includes the Office 365 Pro Plus service.

I use Microsoft InfoPath. Will I be affected?

Microsoft has announced that InfoPath (which is included in the current Midsized Business service) will no longer be available on Office 365 plans. InfoPath has not been supported for several years and the xml functionality has now been included into the Office applications which all natively use xml.

Will I need to make any software changes as a result of the change?

Yes. Once we’ve moved you and your end users to the new plans, a subscription expiry notice will appear in your Office applications (Word, Excel etc.). Select the ‘Sign in’ option and follow the link to access the Microsoft Office portal and download and install new software. This ensures you and your team’s software is up to date. Please refer to the screenshots below.

Do I need to let my end users know?

Yes, we strongly recommend you inform your end users about the need to download and install the new software. Like you, they will be prompted with a pop-up screen in their Office application for the download and install process. Please refer to the screenshots below.

Download and install instructions for after the move to your new plan:

  1. Pop-up will appear. Click ‘Sign In’
  2. Click the available option then click ‘Continue’mic2.png
  3. Click ‘Go to your account to install it’.
  4. Sign in using your Microsoft credentials
  5. Select the required language option, then click ‘Install’.
  6. Your Office download will install.