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All-4-Biz: About your Loyalty Bonus

by Community Manager on ‎30-05-2016 11:05 PM - edited on ‎28-02-2021 05:58 PM by Community Manager

New All-4-Biz bundles are no longer available to Small Business customers. However, if you have an existing All-4-Biz contract, all the benefits of All-4Biz will continue to be available to you, including an option to renew your agreement. Loyalty funds expire on termination of your contract.


Redeem your Loyalty Bonus

Use your bonus to:

  • Buy equipment

The equipment that you redeem your bonus for must be used in conjunction with a service on your All-4-Biz account. Equipment must be purchased from us directly or our licensees, dealers or authorised third parties.

See what you can spend your Loyalty Bonus on, from our eligible product list.


  • Offset certain fees for equipment or services on your All-4-Biz account

These are fees that appear on your All-4-Biz invoice and include:

  • Telstra set-up, connection, installation or establishment fees
  • Telstra Apps Marketplace application implementation, configuration, integration, customisation, migration and project management charges
  • Telstra Plus charges when billed directly to the All-4-Biz account invoice
  • Re-programming of phone systems when moving to Telstra
  • Tablet devices that are SIM-enabled and connected to a Telstra Mobile Broadband® on your All-4-Biz account


You cannot use your bonus for:

  • Your All-4-Biz minimum monthly commitment
  • Telstra charges for services (for example, monthly access fees, usage charges and other ongoing fees)
  • Mobile Repayment Option, Fixed Repayment Option or rental/lease payment amounts
  • Products or charges not used in conjunction with your All-4-Biz services
  • Telemetry handsets, PDA devices
  • Laptops, IT equipment
  • Purchases made or services provided through a non-approved channel or outside of your account
  • Multifunction units (printer/scanner/fax) greater than $500 per unit. Only the first $500 per device can be redeemed against your Loyalty Bonus
  • Any equipment that is not substantially used for telecommunications, for example computers, monitors, servers, laptops, notebooks, printers, scanners, TVs, sound systems, office equipment, general software, furniture, travel, accommodation, entertainment, household goods, intercoms, security equipment, power generation equipment, in-vehicle navigation, control equipment, computer network and cabling
  • Telstra Business Systems lease or rental charges;
  • Non-Telstra Business Systems PABX equipment

Loyalty Bonus forms

Redemption claim back


Things you need to know

Your Loyalty Bonus amount is not transferable or redeemable as cash and cannot be taken as a cheque, paid to third parties or used to pay any existing service or equipment charges.

We will reduce the amount in your Loyalty Bonus account by the full GST inclusive price of the approved items redeemed by you. Once the redemption is confirmed and processed, the relevant credit will appear in your next Telstra bill for your Telstra Business All-4-Biz Plan.

To use your loyalty bonus towards payment of approved accessories, they must be purchased with approved equipment and be on the same invoice. Unused Loyalty Bonus expires when your plan ends. If you change to a lower plan, reduce your minimum term, or your plan ends early, you may have to repay any Loyalty Bonus that you’ve used on a pro rata basis, and pay us an early termination charge.


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