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Canvas Migration from T-Suite to Telstra Apps Marketplace FAQs

by Community Manager on ‎28-05-2015 03:42 PM - edited on ‎11-06-2015 12:52 AM by Community Manager

Q: I am currently on a 24-month contract. Will this contract continue once I move into the Telstra Apps Marketplace?

A: Yes your existing contract will continue to apply to your Canvas licences and the contract expiry date will not change.


Q: Who will my Canvas Administrator in the Telstra Apps Marketplace?

A: It will be the same person that you nominated as your Administrator in T-Suite


Q:  What changes will I notice in the Telstra Apps marketplace?

A: You will have the ability to upgrade your plan from within your Telstra Apps Marketplace Admin Portal. 


Q: Can I continue to purchase licences via T-Suite?

A: You will be able to continue purchasing licences in T-Suite up until 9th July. After this date, you will no longer be able to make any changes to your Canvas account from within T-Suite.


Q: How will I know that my services have been migrated to the new Telstra Apps Marketplace?

A:  You will receive an email once your services have been migrated to the Telstra Apps Marketplace successfully and you will be able to mage them from this portal from Monday 13th July.


Q: Will I be able to continue managing my services in T-Suite?

A:  No T-Suite is being decommissioned and all existing services will be moved across into the new Telstra Apps marketplace.


Q:  Can I still use my Canvas service during migrations?

A: Yes, Canvas service remains active, you can still continue using the service as is, no change on your exiting Canvas’s account.


Q:  What I have to do to manage my app?

A: All what you need to do is to activate your TELSTRA APPS MARKETPLACE account by following the link provided through the activation email, if you missed that email please contact 1800 878483