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DOT (Digital Office Technology)™ changes

by ‎06-08-2015 06:35 PM - edited ‎06-08-2015 07:01 PM

We’re adding more data to our DOT Core plans


We’ve made some great improvements to our bundles. We’re giving you more data at no extra cost. The best part is that you don’t have to do a thing. We’ll look after your upgrade in the coming months.


Our new bundles for DOT include higher fixed broadband data allowances to help you stay ahead of the game. As a valued customer, we’ll automatically increase your data allowance so you don’t miss out.


This won’t affect your contract term or alter your monthly minimum charge and there’ll be no interruption to your service. The extra data will be added to your allowance, with the increase taking effect in the coming months. We’ll let you know in writing when the upgrade is complete.


Remember, you can use our online account tool to check your data allowance at any time


This is what the new DOT looks like


With a stack of extra data to thank you for your loyalty, the same monthly price now brings better value to your business.


Plan Your Current Monthly Data Allowance Your New Monthly Data Allowance Change in your Data Allowance
Core S 50GB 100GB + 50GB
Core M 250GB 300GB + 50GB
Core L 500GB 1000GB + 500GB
Core XL 1000GB 2000GB + 1000GB


Excess data $0.001/MB capped at $300 per month.


Frequently asked questions


When can I start using the extra data?


We’re updating our systems to reflect the change. We’ve started the process, but until we implement your upgrade, your existing data allowance will apply. We’ll let you know in writing when the upgrade is complete.


You can use our online account tool to check your data allowance at any time

What do I need to do?


Nothing. The changes will take effect automatically in the coming months as we progressively move our customers to the new plans.


Will I experience interruption to my services?


No. This is a change to our business systems only and won’t impact our network.


Do I need to restart my DOT contract?


No. Your existing contract term will still apply and there will be no change to your minimum monthly charge.


How will I know when the changes are effective?


We’ll notify you in writing once the upgrade to your service is finalised.


Will my bill look different?


No. There will be no change to your DOT plan name on your bill. Further, there are no changes to bill issue and due dates, or monthly minimum charges.


Can I make changes to my bundle?


Yes. You can still change your bundle once a month for no additional charge.


Can I change to one of the new bundles before it happens automatically?


Yes. If you need to manually change your bundle before we make the change for you, you can call us and we’ll manually update your account.


Are there any changes to the call inclusions in my plan?


No. There are no changes to the call inclusions in your plan.


Who can I contact if I have any questions about this change?


For Small Business customers call 132 000 from 8 am to 7 pm (AEST) Monday to Friday or visit your local Telstra Business Centre.


For Managed customers call 132 253 from 7am to 7pm (AEST) Monday to Friday or call your Telstra Account representative during business hours.