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International Roaming

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You can activate your International Roaming online. Once completing the form, activation will generally take up to 30minutes. You will receive an SMS (if your device is capable of receiving SMS) once international roaming has been activated. Alternatively you can activate International Roaming by free calling us on +61439 125 109 from your Telstra service.

If you are a Telstra Business Customer with an Account Executive, contact your Account Executive for your International Roaming Options.

If you use International Roaming, there is no need to deactivate when you return home. Having International Roaming activated will not incur any additional charges when back in Australia.


SMS usage alerts while overseas


While you’re away, we’ll send you SMS alerts to keep you up to date with your data usage:

  • If you’re using International Roaming pay-as-you-go (PAYG) data, we’ll send you an SMS for every $100 of PAYG usage.
  • If you use 50%, 85% and 100% of your Travel Pass data allowance we’ll also send you an SMS reminding you to keep an eye on your usage.

If you are using a Travel Pass we will send you an expiry alert approximately 12 hours before it expires. There is no charge for receiving these SMS alerts.


Lost and stolen devices


If your device is lost or stolen when travelling, call us from any Telstra service immediately (24 hours, 7 days a week), free of charge so we can block the device and limit your responsibility for any unauthorised usage.

  • Telstra SIMs and devices, call +61 439 125 109


  • BigPond devices, call +61 2 9242 0213


It’s a good idea to make sure your SIM card and mobile device are both protected with a PIN while you’re overseas. But remember, never keep a written copy of your PIN with your device. Some tips to keep costs down

  • Buy a Travel Pass for your Telstra Service to reduce your data roaming charges.
  • Check call diversions and remove call barring settings.
  • Switch off data roaming before you go so email and apps aren’t running in the background and using data.
  • Switch off automatic updates and notifications.
  • Use free local Wi-Fi where you can. Please note that these unsecured networks may comprise your network as the information uploaded and downloaded is not transmitted securely.

Making calls and sending messages

Receiving calls and sending messages

Using Messagebank®


Accessing your Messagebank® is included in your Travel Pass allowance. If you already have MessageBank® set up, you’ll still get your SMS notifications from MessageBank ® while overseas, just like you receive them in Australia. To listen to your messages, just follow the instructions in the SMS and dial #101#.


Billing delays


As your roaming usage and charges need to be processed by the overseas carriers first, then billed to us, it can take up to three months from your last International Roaming call before all the costs appear on your Telstra bill.