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What are my options with MessageBank?


Telstra's Messagebank services comes in four (4) flavours:


  • MessageBank provides a personal answering service if a phone line is busy or can't be answered. Callers are greeted with the customer's own personal greeting and are then asked to leave a message which can be retrieved from any phone when the customer is ready.
  • MessageBank Virtual has its own individual telephone number allowing customers to ring in directly to the mailbox to leave a message, or to forward their home or business number to the mailbox, i.e. with Call Forward Immediate, No Answer and Busy. Callers will be prompted to leave a message and these messages can be retrieved at any time, by the mailbox owner. This can be done from any tone phone.
  • MessageBank Away is a greeting only mailbox. This enables customers to connect a personalised message to a mailbox informing callers of changed circumstances eg. Change of number, temporary office closure for holidays, or a permanent closure of a business premises. Messagebank Away does not allow for message deposits.
  • MessageBank Combined allows customers to have one voice mailbox for both their GSM/CDMA mobile phone and one nominated fixed telephone service.