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Ordered product is faulty

by on ‎07-10-2014 04:35 PM
If you think your mobile handset may be faulty, please follow the following process below: 
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If the links above don't solve your problem, you can either report it online, or you can call us on 1300 131 111 so we can assess it.

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Once the handset has been sent in for repair, you can also check the status of your repair by using our Online Mobiles Repair Tracking form.
You will need to enter either your mobile number or the IMEI number of the handset (this is a 15 digit number located at the back of the phone under the battery or on the original packaging) and select Submit. You'll then be given an update on the status of your repair with an estimated timeframe.
The average turnaround time for a mobile phone repair is approximately 1 week (excluding phones that are awaiting parts), including freight to and from your place of purchase (dependent on parts availability and/or complex repairs).
These are only guidelines - for further enquiries contact the place (from Step 2 above) that is looking after the repair of your phone.
Please Note: If your phone has been dropped and has physical damage or has been exposed to water or other liquid, its performance may be affected. This type of damage is not generally covered by a voluntary warranty, and you should check the terms of your voluntary warranty.