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Telstra Business Broadband Changes

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For existing Telstra-Business Broadband Customers:


If your business has an existing eligible Telstra Business Broadband plan on a old plan, to continue offering you great value broadband, we’re moving you from your current plan to a new plan with more included data. The change will take place from 20 June 2016.


To thank you for being with Telstra, your new plan comes with bonus data every month at no extra cost. That’s on top of the data you already get on your current Telstra Broadband plan.


A technical change to your ADSL


We’re always looking for ways to improve our service so starting from 20 June 2016 we’ll be moving eligible Broadband services to high speed ADSL. Starting June 2016, our technicians will need to make network changes, which may take your broadband offline for up to 4 hours – we apologise for the inconvenience. The good news is, once we’ve completed the changes your service will be on high speed ADSL.


We’ll be back in touch again before this minor disruption takes place and will work to minimise disruption to your business as much as possible.


You won’t pay any extra


If your new plan has a higher minimum monthly charge than your old one, don’t worry, you won’t be out of pocket. You’ll receive a monthly rebate to offset the difference for as long as you stay on the plan. If you change plans in future, you won’t be eligible for this rebate.


For existing Telstra Business broadband ADSL customers:


Upgrade of customers from old plans to current in market plans – here’s how it will affect existing Telstra Business Broadband customers


If your business has an existing eligible Telstra Business Broadband plan we’re thanking you for your loyalty by upgrading your service to one of the current plans at no extra cost. This does not apply to Telstra Business Broadband high speed Unlimited plan customers, who will remain on their current plan. So, unless you’re already on a high speed ADSL Unlimited Telstra Business Broadband plan, your plan and data allowance will soon provide better value, and the best thing is, we’ll make the update for you – you don’t have to do a thing.



Your upgrade won’t affect your contract term or change the minimum amount you pay us each month. The change will occur automatically as we progressively move eligible customers to the new plans. You can use your online account tool to confirm that your data allowance has been increased.


Until the upgrade happens, your monthly data allowance and/or will remain the same.


Remember, you can use our online account tool to check data allowance at any time.


Frequently asked questions

Will this change my current monthly charge?

No. You’ll continue to pay the same minimum monthly charge for your Telstra Business Broadband ADSL plan.


When will my plan be changed?

For eligible Telstra Business broadband customers the changes will be made through June to July.


 How can I check my business data allowance?

Use our online account tools to check your data allowance any time. 


What do I need to do?

Nothing. The changes will take effect automatically in the coming weeks for Telstra Business Broadband customers as we progressively upgrade customers to the new plans.


Will I experience an interruption to my service?

Yes in some instances there will be service interruptions for up to a maximum of 4 hours whilst we make speed changes,we will make contact with you 3 days prior to the interruption to let you know specific information.


How will I know when the changes are effective?

The changes to your plan will be reflected on the bill following the upgrade of your plan and/ or you will notice the increased data allowance when checking your online account tools


Will my business bill look different?

Yes. As a result of these changes, the bill following the upgrade of your plan may look different to your previous bills.


This is because the change to your plan occurred part-way through the last billing period, and any resulting credits and/or part-month charges may be included on the invoice. Ultimately though there will be no change to your plan’s monthly charge.


You may have noticed from previous bills that we charge plan fees in advance. If plans change in the middle of a billing period and full access to the plan was unavailable for the whole period, we may credit you the unused amount. These credits are identified by the description ‘Account Charges, Discounts and Credits :–’ or shown against your current plan depending on your bill format.


You may notice two sets of dates accompanying your new plan. The first will be your part-month charges and the second will be your full month plan fee, charged one month in advance.


If you’ve been upgraded to a new plan with a higher minimum monthly charge, the difference will be offset by a monthly, recurring rebate and will be shown on your new plan as a net price. This will also be applied to any part-month charges for your new plan as outlined above.


Remember, despite these changes, there’s no financial impact on your plan.


What happens if I receive a rebate and I want to change plans in the future?

If you’ve been upgraded to a new plan with a higher minimum monthly charge, the difference will be offset by a monthly, recurring rebate. If you subsequently move to a different Telstra Business Broadband plan, you won’t be eligible to receive the rebate.


Can I make changes to my plans after I have been upgraded?

Yes. You can still change your plan once a month. However, any rebates you might receive for your service won’t be retained if you move plans.


What happens if I’m currently on an Unlimited plan?

If you currently have a high speed Unlimited plan you’ll remain on this plan and won’t be moved to a new plan. For customers on slower Unlimited plan you will be moved to high speed Unlimited plan.


How do I know if I am eligible for the upgrade?

For Telstra Business Broadband we’ll let you know if you are eligible for an upgrade before it happens. 


Do I need to restart my contract?

No. Your existing contract term will still apply and there will be no change to your minimum monthly charge.


Who can I contact if I have any questions about this change?

For Small Business customers call 132 000 from 8 am to 7 pm (AEST) Monday to Friday or visit your local Telstra Business Centre.


For Managed customers call 132 253 from 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday (AEST) or call your Telstra Account representative during business hours.