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What to do if your phone isn’t working

by Community Manager on ‎08-05-2017 11:27 PM

 First check you’re not impacted by an outage

Use our Service Status Page to check if you are impacted by an outage. 

If you’re impacted, the Service Status Page will explain the interruption you’re experiencing, provide updates on the issue, and when possible, estimate when the issue should be resolved. There’s nothing further you can do until the outage is restored however the following information may help provide alternate options during the impacted period.

If you aren’t impacted, or an outage in your area is showing as resolved but you’re still experiencing problems, try troubleshooting the issue.


You can view a list of known issues affecting Telstra services online. You can search your postcode or suburb and we’ll show you important information like when we expect to fix the issue.

Check for network issues in your area which may explain the interruption you’re experiencing.

If your issue is not listed, or a service outage is recorded as ‘resolved’ but your phone isn’t working, try using our Troubleshooting Tool to get your service back up and running.

Troubleshoot Now

You can also use the Telstra 24x7 App® on your mobile to help resolve your issue. 

  1. Tap Help & Supportfrom the app menu
  2. Then tap Troubleshooting Tool

Our top tips for home phone issues:

After a power outage, your equipment, like phones, answering machine and modem may need to be reset. Switch off all equipment and power points, wait for 30 seconds, and then turn them back on.

Power Outages

After a power outage some equipment (i.e. home phones, answering machines, modems, routers) may need to be restarted or reset. To do this:

  1. Switch off all equipment and power points
  2. Wait 10 seconds, then turn them back on

Conduct an Isolation Test

A Telstra technician can be sent to your home/premises to solve network faults, however if your personal equipment or internal wiring is faulty you may be charged a fee for an ‘Incorrect Callout’. To avoid this fee, you can conduct an isolation test to determine whether the problem is with your equipment or wiring by following these steps:

  1. Unplug all equipment used for your phone service (e.g. phones, answering machines, modems etc.) and wait ten seconds
  2. Plug one standard, working phone into one socket
  3. If there’s no problem, reconnect each piece of equipment, one by one, into the working socket
  4. If the fault reoccurs it’s likely to be caused by the last piece of equipment plugged in
  5. Repeat the same process for any additional wall sockets in the property connected to the phone line
  6. If all the equipment works on the first wall socket but the fault reoccurs at another socket in the property, you may have faulty internal wiring or a problem with the wall socket, in which case you may need to call your electrician


Personal Interim Phone Service (PIPS)

If you need to contact Telstra Faults, a consultant from Telstra Faults will advise you whether you’re eligible for a Personal Interim Phone Service (PIPS). This will enable you to make phone calls from your mobile phone with your home phone call rates. If you accept the offer you’ll receive an SMS advising you that PIPS has been activated.

To make a phone call:

  1. Manually enter the number you wish to call into your mobile; including area code (don't use numbers stored in your mobile address book)
  2. Add the star/asterisk (*) key to the end of the number - For example dial 0249123456*
  3. Press the send/call button to make the call

PIPS acts as a temporary replacement if you're experiencing a service disruption on your phone Service. Your mobile can still be used as normal (without entering the star/asterisk button) however you will be charged at standard mobile call rates. You will still be able to use all your current mobile features, such as voicemail. If you use a prepaid Telstra mobile, you’ll need at least $1 in available credit on the account for PIPS to work.


Call Forwarding

In the case of a service outage or a fault on your phone line, Telstra can arrange to have your incoming calls forwarded to your mobile phone (or another number of your choice). Our service team can help arrange this for you when you report a fault. You can also divert your phone to your mobile at any time with our Call Forwarding guide.


Reporting a Fault

You can report a fault in a few ways – please choose the one most relevant to you;

  • Telstra Business customers – call 13 29 99
  • Telstra Enterprise and Government customers  –  contact the Customer Care team on 1800 730 053