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What is the Business Performance Network service?

by Community Manager on ‎04-12-2016 04:19 PM

Business Performance Network


What is the Business Performance Network service?

Business Performance Network is a bundle that provides a single, integrated IP network solution for connecting multiple sites and users and can be configured to suit your company’s specific needs.

The components of this bundle include either the Business IP or Connect IP networking bundle, along with options for security such as Managed Radius for user access authentication and IP Wireless Port for remote user access at a single price point.

This bundle includes the following features: flexible access, integrated security, true scalability, assured performance and IP wireless port access.


No longer available for new customers

Business Performance Network bundles are no longer available to new customers as of December 5th, 2016.


Existing customers

If you have an existing Business Performance Network service then you can continue to enjoy your service in accordance with your existing contract, subject to the changes set out below. Once the minimum term of your contract comes to an end, you will be unable to renew your contract. However, you will still be able to continue your service on a month-to-month basis as well as have the option to recontract to another service.

To discuss your options, please contact your Account Executive (call: 1800 308 399).

The following changes will apply to your contract from December 5th, 2016:

  • following the expiration of the minimum term of your contract you will no longer have the ability to add additional BPN sites